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Your lease is your single largest expense. A good lease will propel your prosperity. A bad lease will ruin your business.

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What We Do For You

Hire Experience™. We bring you all the expertise gained by leasing millions of square feet, and managing thousands of commercial real estate leases for both landlords and tenants. You get higher experience.

We manage your lease so you don’t have to

Leases are complicated and they contain dozens of risks for you, and your business, if not actively managed properly. Imagine what can happen to your business if you failed to exercise a renewal option on time. Click below to read a true story of what can happen when a business person missed his renewal option date by just 1 day. What if you didn’t realize you had alternatives if something goes wrong at the property?

You’ve got hundreds of things on your mind. We take care of managing your lease for you so you can focus on your business…….

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We make the lease better for you

Once the basic business terms have been agreed in the letter of intent, the real important negotiations begin.

Our experts ensure you don’t have to pay more than you should for your space, or assume more risk too.

Read how we suggested over 200 changes to one client’s lease. Changes he didn’t know he could, or should, make, and what it meant for his business………

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We’re by your side when you need help

Have a question, or an issue that needs resolving with your space, your lease or your landlord? Want to assign your lease? Did you receive an estoppel and want to know what to do?  We’re here to help.

Our lease consultation services provide you with ongoing confidence that you are taking the right steps. It’s like having your own real estate department that is exceptionally affordable and simple to use……

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Need advice?

The best time to start managing your lease is before it is signed. The second best time, is TODAY, before there is a problem.

Have a question or an issue RIGHT NOW, and don’t know what to do? We are always available to help. Want to learn more? Just click below.

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Our e-Books, News and Information

When you subscribe to our affordable lease management services you also get:

  • A management copy of your lease for ease of reference
  • We store an electronic copy of your lease for safekeeping in case of disaster
  • Our exclusive quarterly lease management e-newsletter
  • a copy of our e-book “The Occupiers 11- Step Leasing Process”
  • Plus, a lot more

All for about $2 a day!

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My son & I were entering into a 10 year lease agreement to open his first franchise & admittedly, it had been many years since I personally was involved in lease negotiations. The location and lease are foundational components to running a successful business and should never be taken lightly.  Peter’s expertise was critically important and a huge reduction in stress.

When necessary, he acted as a tough negotiator and sage counsel.   We’ll be using Peter on all future lease negotiations and review”. C Runyon, CEO, Founder of Self Esteem Brands the franchisor of Basecamp Fitness & Anytime Fitness

“I’m honestly surprised the landlord made as many concessions as they did.   We’re MILES ahead of where I’d be without your assistance.” – J. Rancher

“That alert saved my business. I was so focused on my day to day business I would have lost my lease options.” – Tom O.

“They solved a huge real estate lease issue that could have cost me my practice. Not only did Greenstead resolve the issue and save me money in doing so; they were also able to get me a much better lease by advising me to ask for over 200 changes to the landlord’s standard lease. These were changes I didn’t even know I could request. I know that over the life of this new lease I will not only save money but the risks in the lease the landlord wanted me to take on have been reduced. You owe it to yourself to contact Greenstead.” – Dr. Rob R. D.C. B.Sc

“As a former senior real estate executive for a brand name retailer, I can say that retailers don’t want landlords to learn Greenstead’s negotiating strategies.” – M. Taylor

The Greenstead Story

As a third generation commercial real estate professional, with over 38 years experience working for both landlords and tenants in all types of properties across the USA and Canada (as well as 6 other countries worldwide), I know that the entrepreneur is at a significant disadvantage when it comes to leasing space and managing their complex lease. As a result, I created our unique Outsourced, In-house Real Estate Department program for entrepreneurs like you, owners of small to medium sized businesses in retail, food service, offices, warehouses, etc. I’m on a mission to really level the commercial real estate playing field, one tenant, one lease at a time. My passion is helping you get the most from your real estate.

As President of Greenstead Consulting Group, I promise you’ll get the same level of expertise as large companies, who have dedicated in-house commercial real estate and lease management departments, but at a mere fraction of the cost. Let me show you all that can mean for you.

Peter D. Morris CRX, SCLS, SCSM, SCMD

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