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What We Do and How We Do It

We don’t provide a canned, one-size-fits all service. Every lease, every person, every property, every situation is different and unique. Hire Experience™ is vitally important. We take the time to understand your special situation and apply our extensive expertise to help you in all aspects of managing your lease.

Lease Management

Our Lease management system automatically sends you reminders of important milestones in your lease. Most times the tenant must exercise and provide official notice when enacting a right you have negotiated such as an option to renew, or a right of first refusal, or something else that is important to you.

We extract that information from your lease and send you automated email reminders as many as 5 times BEFORE the event deadline. You’ll never miss critical landlord notification dates while you focus on your day to day business. This maintains your ongoing negotiation strength. We also give you timely advice on how to proceed. All this for a simple annual subscription of about $2 a day!

Lease Wording Negotiation

There are two parts to the lease negotiation process. The first (and perhaps easiest) are the basic deal terms. The second, and most important, is the negotiation of the lease contract itself. Contracts that can be over 120 pages long, and heavily favoured toward the landlord!

This is where we can really help you because you only get what you negotiate. We know how to negotiate. We know how to position changes to the lease so the landlord has to accept them. We have a proprietary list of changes we created from leasing millions of square feet of space and administering to 1000's of leases. We offer this service for a simple, easy to understand hourly rate that we quote you before we start.

Lease Advisory

You’ll be guided through unusual events such as a landlord’s request for an estoppel certificate, or the lease assignment process due to a sale.

Leases are complex. When you have a question about the lease we are here to answer it.

Simple email questions are answered promptly and completely for an affordable flat fee.

But we can assist in complex issues too, such as assigning your lease to a buyer; and we help with tenancy issues also (see below). We provide these services on an easy to understand hourly basis with a guaranteed quote before we commence work.,

Lease Back-up

We retain an electronic version of your lease and all amendments and changes to it, so you always have access to a copy of your lease in case of disaster. There is no extra cost for this service, when you subscribe to our lease management service..

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Lease Issue Resolution

Things go wrong from time to time. One of the most common phrases we hear is: "We have a problem and we don't know what to do". That is why we are here. Our unique perspective of working with both tenants, such as yourself, and landlords is we know how to navigate most issues because we have experienced them before, from both sides. We know what has been done before, and have created solutions that work. Just tell us the issue, provide a copy of the lease and we will work to create a business solution, before the expensive lawyers get involved.

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Quarterly Lease Newsletter

The lease is the single largest expense to your business. We help you understand it with our free quarterly newsletter when you subscribe to our lease management service. Get insights from leading lease experts that will help you and your business.

Let us protect your interests.